Seth Raynor Society

Back in 2006 Doug Stein and the late King Oehmig, who had spearheaded the restoration of Lookout Mountain Golf Club, decided there needed to be a vehicle for fans of Seth Raynor to come together and celebrate the work of the vaunted designer. They brought on Anthony Pioppi, a writer and golf course historian who focusses on the work of Seth Raynor, Charles Blair Macdonald and Charles Banks, to lead the organization.

Their idea was to hold gatherings at Raynor courses so members of the Society could see the breadth and width of Raynor’s work with the hopes it would lead to appreciation, restoration and preservation of Raynor’s creations.

Since that first meeting, the Society has continually grown and held events at more than a dozen Raynor golf courses and along the way has increased the rightful recognition Seth Raynor deserves.

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Who is Seth Raynor?

Seth Jagger Raynor was an American golf course architect and engineer. He designed approximately 85 golf courses in about 13 years, his first in 1914, at age 40. His mentor was Charles Blair Macdonald, the creator of the National Golf Links of America, and a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Seth Raynor Society Membership

The Seth Raynor Society is comprised of fans of golf courses designed by Seth Raynor, his mentor Charles Blair Macdonald or his protégé Charles Banks.